Fashion Essentials for Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and while the weather isn’t too warm in Maryland just yet, the fashions have officially changed. The hottest trends are putting on their layers as we move into September, starting with outerwear. A thick coat, cardigan, or even a bomber jacket is necessary and essential for the transitional weather. Then comes the sweater, which comes in an array of patterns and colours, from basic black to fun and festive prints. The boots aren’t far behind, featuring materials like suede and leather. Also, you can’t forget about the hat and scarf to keep the heat off your face and keep you warm.

Fashion Essentials for Fall

Fall fashion has arrived. There’s a definite chill in the air, and it’s time to break out the jackets, overcoats, scarves, and boots. Fall fashion isn’t just about the clothes, though. It’s also about the hairstyles, makeup, and accessories, all of which can be key for staying warm. But there are also some key fashion items that you can’t forget, like the dark shades, warm colours, and layers that are essential for warding off the cold.

Faux Leather Leggings

Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes the changing weather. If you’re looking to spice up your transitional wardrobe, then the faux leather leggings are exactly what you need. The faux leather leggings are a versatile fashion item that can be worn in any season. They’re perfect for those chilly fall days and will keep you warm come winter.


Booties are the ultra-comfy, ultra-sexy shoe that every woman craves to wear. Whether you wear them to work, out on the town, or in a nightclub, booties are convenient yet stylish shoes. It is one of the most versatile shoes to wear this season.

Suede/Leather Jacket

Suede and leather are classic fabrics that have been around for years, and this season’s looks are all about them. Suede jackets and leather pants are a must-have for fall. Look for suede boots and suede bags, too. The colours for fall are muted, so go for dark colours, especially brown, grey, black, and navy.

Sweater Dresses

The fall season is fast approaching, and with it, cooler weather and pumpkin spice everything. However, that doesn’t mean the cold, crisp air of fall has to come along with sweater weather. Dress up your wardrobe with sweater dresses this fall! Sweater dresses are one of the fashion essentials for fall. They go with everything and are super easy to change up for different outfits. Look for knit sweater dresses that are loose-fitting but are figure-flattering. The sleeves should be short but not too short, or it will affect the silhouette.


Jeans are one of the Fashion Essentials for Fall. While the beach may have you down for lighter, flowy summer styles, fall is a different story. Put away your summer shorts and tank tops (or at least keep them packed away until next summer) and move on to something a little cozier. This fall, embrace darker colours and add a little extra style to your fall wardrobe with jeans.


Let’s face it; it’s no secret that sneakers are one of the must-have fashion essentials for fall. Sneakers add a subtle edge to even the most casual outfits, whether they’re high-top, low-top, slip-on, or lace-up. Sneakers have been a mainstay of men’s wardrobes for decades, but the sneakers themselves have gotten even more stylish in recent years. The latest craze? Sneakers as part of the fashion statement, not the sole statement.


Cardigans are one of the fashion essentials for fall and come in every shape, size, and color imaginable, from trendy to classic. When shopping for a cardigan, look for one made of lightweight material. This means that the cardigan won’t be too bulky, allowing you to wear it layered with longer garments or on its own when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket but still chilly enough for a scarf. While knit cardigans are traditional, panels of suede, flannel, or terry cloth are also popular.

Wool Hat

Wool hats are a great way to stay stylish and warm this fall. Wool’s natural thermal properties help retain body heat and insulate against the cold, so it’s a perfect material for head coverings in fall and winter. Wool hats come in a variety of styles, including beanies, knit caps, and turbans, so you can find one that fits you. Pair your wool hat with a plaid scarf and a fur vest, and you’ll be stylish and comfortable all season long.

Fashion essentials for fall give you fashionable pieces that you can mix and match. These essential pieces will have you ready for fall and winter, from scarves and coats to accessories and dresses.

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