Hello, and welcome to my beauty and fashion blog “Beauty Advice”! I’m Stephanie Ashton and I have been a fashion blogger and article writer for the past 15 years, living in Manchester, and now entering my 40th year of brand new adventures! I decided to create this blog to give myself some freedom about what I want to talk about and what is important to me, sharing my personal knowledge of fashion throughout the seasons, makeup, and skincare advice to keep those wrinkles off!

I live with my husband and our two cute sausage dogs Pepsi and Fanta (we love fizzy drinks… shhh!) in our apartment right in the center of Manchester. Although people might think that now we are getting older it is time to move out of the city we absolutely adore the hustle and bustle and short commute into work, so we have decided to stay where all the social and fun starts! If you’ve never been to Manchester I would seriously recommend it because it is such an amazing city.

If I have one goal from creating this blog it would be to make men and women feel empowered and positive about themselves. I personally think that the clothes and makeup don’t wear you but you wear the outfits that you are in because if it was the other way around you would not be able to express your true personality and confidence! However, I do think having great style and amazing makeup can help you to express your personality and enhance your confidence whether you are walking down the street, going out with friends, or to a work meeting; the perfect attire can make or break your day!