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Popping Pimples: How to Do it Properly + Aftercare

Many men and women suffer from breakouts, especially teenagers. Pimples can appear anywhere on the face, and many adults also suffer from them. You can treat pimples, and the good news is that you can get rid of them for good with the right tools and aftercare.

Here are some steps that you can follow while popping the pimples:

  • Keep the area around the pimple clean

It’s necessary to clean the surrounding area gently to avoid contamination and infections. A pimple is an unwanted guest, so keeping the pimple clean is crucial. Use a gentle cleanser that removes dead skin cells. Your skin should be clean and fresh.

  • Pick the right pimple

Picking the wrong pimple will make you look worse than before. A pimple that is simply below the surface—in the deepest part of the skin—is one you should ask a professional for. Popping the wrong pimple may deal unnecessary damage to the tissue around the skin. Wait for the right time before attempting to pop the pimple.

  • Wash hands

Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid cross-infecting your pimple with bacteria on your hands. While popping pimples never helps, there are a few things you can try to limit the number of bacteria that spreads around. The risk in popping pimples is introducing bacteria from your hands that may cause infections.

  • Sterilize the needles

Popping a pimple by squeezing may be an easy way, but it can cause pain. Using a needle to lance in a pimple is the easiest and less painful way to pop it. However, sterilizing before using the needles is necessary. It is best to ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly to avoid infections. Sterilize a needle before using it on any patient or yourself. Needles are one of the most commonly used medical devices. They provide easy access to administer medication or fluids to a patient. Although you can reuse needles, repeatedly using the same needle on patients or users can cause complications.

  • Pierce the pimple

Position the Needle parallel with your skin and point the tip to the center of the pimple. Carefully pierce the pimple with a gentle force to avoid any pain. Blackheads tend to develop the fastest with literally every pore clogged with skin oil. But, as funny as it may sound, you can get rid of them by pricking them. This little trick might sound harsh, but it works.

  • Finish and clean up

After piercing the pimple, use two clean cotton swabs to apply a slight pressure on the area around the pimple to force out the fluids; continue this process to remove all the clear fluids inside thoroughly. After popping the pimple wash your hands and face with antibacterial soaps and apply treatment to the area to prevent it from repopulating again.

After popping the pimples, it is best to apply aftercare to keep the bacteria from repopulating and causing another pimple or infection.


  • Clean everything thoroughly again

To keep new bacteria from being introduced, it is best to clean everything again to avoid infections properly. It’s a very simple and important process.

  • Apply Acne product

Applying acne products can help in reducing the chances of a pimple coming back. It is recommended to apply products that contain salicylic acid.

  • Preventing scars

While pimples are nothing to be ashamed of, scars from blemished skin can cause quite a bit of distress and even affect your self-esteem. But there is a way to prevent scars from pimples, and it involves a simple ingredient that you probably already have in your bathroom. Applying a small dab of honey, lemon juice, or aloe vera gel to the pimple to reduce the chances of having a scar.

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